Anonymous said: It's so rude and immature to be on your phone in class in college especially blatantly like have some respect


It costs 82829k a year I’ll suck dick in class if I want to

If I tell you personal shit, and you relay it to someone else… Don’t bother talking to me anymore.


i wont rest until ive complained about everything

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Anonymous said: A girl lost her arms, Ashley Katchadourian! A girl lost her fucking arms! Do you not know what has transpired while you were in Pearl Harbor, seeing the fucking Japanese museum?!We had our own Pearl Harbor here today! Oh my God! How could you do this to us!? You literally bombed us!ike the Japanese you are! And me...I'm Ben Affleck!And I'm Ben Affleck and I'm holding two fucking girl's arms!ANd you're Cuba Gooding, Jr. disappointing everybody!

I know what you did last spring break, bitch.